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Senkadagala Finance was formed in Kandy in 1968. Since then, the company has become one of the largest licensed deposit taking institutions registered with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. From it's birth in Kandy, the company now has gone islandwide.

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Rating of the Company
Senkadagala Finance PLC enjoys a credit rating of BBB+ from Fitch Ratings Lanka.

The Company aims for a return on shareholder funds that exceeds the weighted average return on all Money Market instruments plus a premium for the relative risk inherent in its investment activities.

The Company aims to enjoy a growth rate on assets that exceeds the Industry average of all registered finance companies.

Deposit Mobilization:
The Company adopts responsible, socially acceptable marketing principles and practices and complete transparency, whist complying with the rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Supervision of Non-Bank Financial Institutions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, in the practice of its deposit mobilisation programmes.

The Company offers its customers a professional and personalised technology-based service that provides a substantial reduction in the cost of intermediation

Principal Lines of Business
The principal lines of business of Senkadagala Finance PLC are of two categories.

Fund Based Services:
Fund-based services include Lease Finance, Hire Purchase Finance, Trade Loans and Pledge Loans.

Lease financing is available in a variety of forms involving Fixed Rental or structured payment, the latter to suit an individual customer's cash flow and/or taxation needs.

The Company's avenues of enterprise include leases as working capital against the surety of a customer's motor vehicle; leases with balloon rentals; leasing of equipment such as motor vehicles, medical equipment, construction, and office equipment. The period of the lease could range from 6 to 60 months.

Hire Purchase Finance works on a similar basis to leasing, and is most commonly used to fund the acquisition of used vehicles and consumer products. Clients are always required to make a down payment, referred to as an initial deposit.

Trade loans are usually extended to fund working capital requirements of the Corporate sector against the security of a mortgage of prime real estate.

Pledge loans are generally short term agreements for periods of less than 12 months arranged for dealers/importers of motor vehicles secured by a pledge of import documentation to the Company.

Fee Based Services:
Fee-based services include Insurance Brokering Services and IT-related Consultancy. The Company acts as an agent for most reputable insurance companies in Sri Lanka.

In the field of Information Technology, the Company is under agreement with IBM Sri Lanka and Keells Business Systems Ltd to offer software engineering solutions. We also provide IT consultancy services to associate companies and other clients.

Financial Overview

The Company recorded its highest ever profit before tax of Rs. 1,119 Million in the financial year 2016/17. Our asset base also swelled to Rs. 30.9 Billion at the end of the financial year.
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The total assets of the Company grew by 11.21 % to Rs. 15,869.6 million whilst loans and advances swelled by 9.65% to Rs. 12,676 million.
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 Financials for the period ended 31/03/2014 Click here to view the report
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Senkadagala Finance recorded a growth in profit in year 2013, with a post-tax profit of Rs. 578 million, a growth of Rs. 102 million when compared against Rs. 476 million in 2012.

 Financials for the period ended 31/03/2013 Click here to view the report
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Senkadagala Finance recorded a profit of Rs. 701 million before tax & vat for the year ended 31st March 2012 and Total assets of the company rose to Rs. 11.2 billion in the year 2011/2012.
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Net income from operations grew 45% during the year to Rs. 1,023,637,002 topping the Rs. 1 billion mark for the first time in the company's history and recorded a profit of Rs. 435.58 million before taxation & vat for the year 2010/2011.

The income of the company during the year 2009/10 was Rs. 1,546,262,350/- and the profit was Rs. 166,644,705/- before taxation & vat.
Earnings per ordinary share Rs. 2.29 and Dividend per share was Rs. 1.70
Total term and savings deposits base is Rs 2094.48 million. which is a notable increase of Rs 696.33 million compared to year 2008/2009.

Information Technology: Developments & Applications

In the field of Information Technology (IT), the Company holds service agreements with IBM Sri Lanka and leading hardware companies to minimise downtime, and maintains a backup server in case of a major breakdown of the main database. The Company's IT system is an integral element of its logistical operations. We consider investment in IT technology a substantial benefit to both the Company and our customers. Our IT configuration enables full staff networking within assigned security parameters. Networked branches permit management to monitor vital information and business transactions from any office or branch and from remote locations.

A link with the Commercial Bank of Ceylon enables our customers to make payments using any of the bank's more than one hundred branches, which automatically update their accounts. More links with major banks are in process

We provide direct links to banks to which the Company has pledged our portfolio for re-finance, enabling trustees and banks alike to monitor contract performance. We link directly with insurance companies to speed inter-agency transactions.

The Company installed a state-of-the-art firewall system, and strengthened its network and database security systems ensuring total confidentiality of customer transactions. These system upgrades have created a fast, customer-friendly and fully interactive truly 'paperless' environment. By assigning a 'shelf life' to our IT systems, we ensure we stay abreast of change and are continually upgrading our system for the benefit of our business partners.

Social Responsibilities

The modern world demands that a large part of a business' public profile lies in the area of social responsibility. Rather than merely looking out for the bottom line, a modern company must be perceived as an active member of the community in which it operates.

From its inception, Senkadagala Finance PLC has placed high value on responsibility to serving its community. As with any successful company, social responsibility is an integral part of our business philosophy and our yearly planning process. The Company cannot be successful without the confidence of our society, which we serve through our work.

Education is the key to development. We have taken the initiative to sponsor many development projects in the Kurunegala and Kandy districts. We have provided scholarships and donated equipment such as computers to help schools become better centres of learning. We have also made donations to help disabled soldiers.

In the year 2004 our country suffered a series of disastrous events. The latter part of the year was particularly significant when the nation's coastal belt was devastated on Boxing Day, December 26th, with a series of Tsunami waves. In response, we as dutiful corporate citizens, immediately took part in the rehabilitation process and contributed significantly to the cause of our nation.

Corporate Information

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Annual Reports

Annual Report

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Introductory Document

SF was granted permission for the trading of shares with effect from 22nd March 2011 under Diri Savi Board by Colombo Stock Exchange. The assigned Security code is "SFCL-N-000". View Document

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Senkadagala Debenture Issue 2016

Senkadagala finance Debenture issue opens on 4th November 2016.

To be issued 20,000,000 Senior, Unsecured, Listed, Redeemable, Rated Debentures of LKR 100.00 each to raise Sri Lanka Rupees Two Billion (LKR 2,000,000,000).

with an option to issue a further 10,000,000 of the said Debentures to raise up to Sri Lanka Rupees One Billion (LKR 1,000,000,000) in the event of an oversubscription.

Debentures to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange & Rated `BBB+ (lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited.

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