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Lease or Hire Purchase

Senkadagala Finance Company entered the world of financing in 1968. Since then, we have built up a varied product portfolio serving a broad client base.

The Company's principal lines of business are Lease Financing, Hire Purchase, Trade Loans, Pledge Loans, Executive Loans, Fixed Deposits and Savings Account Facility.

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 Lease Financing  
Lease finance facilities are mainly structured as "Finance" leases in which the customer has the right to use the asset for an agreed period, at a stated rental. The Company retains ownership of the leased asset, and title could only be transferred to the customer at the end of the lease period. All risks and rewards incidental to ownership repose with the customer.

The quantum of finance to be disbursed is decided upon, after a valuation of the asset by the Company's valuation officers.

Service is prompt, with a credit turnaround time of, at most, two days from date of application accompanied by all relevant documentation.

The Company offers lease financing to two main target groups, the informal credit market and the corporate sector.

For leasing business, the company attained a market share of 3% based on the latest research of finance companies conducted by the company's Corporate Planning and Business Development Division.

 Hire Purchase  
This service is structured in a manner similar to lease financing. We offer this type of financial service mainly to finance the acquisition of secondhand/used vehicles.

Need a Vehicle

If you are looking for comfortable clothes, check sizes L, XL or even XXL. The same principle applies in choosing a vehicle leasing package.

Vehicle leasing is simply paying for that portion of a car, van, or light truck that you use during a specific period of time or lease term. Leasing is different from buying, in that you do not pay for the total value of the vehicle. You borrow the vehicle instead of the money.

  Lease a new vehicle  

Tired of the hassle of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle? Let us help! Leasing your new vehicle at SF is as easy as 1234

    Find Your Dream Vehicle

    Contact any branch of SF

    Sign the agreement

    Get into a Great Deal

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  Looking for a used vehicle  

There has to be a reason why SF is the #1 in selling used vehicles in Sri Lanka.

 Could it be the wide selection of vehicles of all models? Maybe it's knowing that each vehicle has passed a rigorous Quality Assurance Inspection.

  More than likely, it's the reputation of quality and dependability, as well as the peace of mind that comes from the #1 leasing company in Sri Lanka.

So what are you waiting for? Check our extensive listing of available vehicles.
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 Documents need to be produced by customers  
Employed Customer:

     National Identity Card

     Pay sheets of last 3 months

     Bank Accounts details

     Confirmation letter of the employer

     One or two guarantors

Business Customer:

     National Identity Card

     Last 3 months bank statements (savings/current)

     Certificate Of Registration

     Audited report (If Available)

     One or two guarantors

Limited Liability Company Customer:

     National Identity Card of directors

     Memorandum Of Articles

     Form 20

     Certificate Of Incorporation

     One or two directors as guarantors

Our Customer is our most valued asset.

 Fast Lending Process  

An eight-stage process is applied to the evaluation and disbursement of the Company's products, where within the eight-step process, the Company's key personnel are closely involved. From the CEO to our Marketing Executives, the Company brings to bear all its resources in ensuring its customers get the best of attention and an informed and professional service through every stage of business conducted with us.

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