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Loan Services

Senkadagala Finance PLC entered the world of financing in 1968. Since then, we have built up a varied product portfolio serving a broad client base.

The Company's principal lines of business are Lease Financing, Hire Purchase, Trade Loans, Pledge Loans, Fixed Deposits and Savings Account Facility.

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Trade Loans
Our trade financing product is geared to providing working capital for enterprises engaged in the purchase of raw materials, consumer products and intermediate goods.

We secure these facilities by requesting a mortgage of property to a value arrived at by the Company's panel of valuers.

Pledge Loans
Pledge loans are mainly for importers of motor vehicles, and these facilities are secured by a pledge of the related import documents.

Fast Lending Process

An eight-stage process is applied to the evaluation and disbursement of the Company's products, where within the eight-step process, the Company's key personnel are closely involved. From the CEO to our Marketing Executives, the Company brings to bear all its resources in ensuring its customers get the best of attention and an informed and professional service through every stage of business conducted with us.

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