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Our customers can enjoy hassle-free payments via Visa/master/UnionPay
payment cards to pay our loan/lease without any bank charge
You can make your loan/lease payments to the following Senkadagala Finance PLC accounts.

Kindly send a copy of the payment slip to the following email address -
to ensure the loan payment is credited to your file without a delay.

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Debt Products

Compare, then choose one or more of our corporate debt products to give you greater benefits for your investments.


Corporate Debt Products

Commercial Paper

The company issues Commercial Paper to Corporate clients and High Net Worth Individuals on a 365 day term The minimum investment amount is Rs. 10 Million with increments of Rs. 5 Million The Paper is sold on a fixed rate basis

Listed Debentures

The Debentures issued by the company are a mix of Fixed or Floating Rate, Secured or Unsecured, Senior or Subordinate, Listed, Rated Debentures The company has issued debentures with a total value of Rs 6.3 billion since 2012 As per recent SEC guidelines all debentures issued are listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, thereby creating a platform for liquidity

Asset Backed Securitizations

The company frequently Securitizes its loan originations, which are then sold onto corporate investors and high net worth individuals. Most recently the company successfully completed a Rs. 2.6Bn Asset Backed Securitization

Debenture Issue Issue Details Documentation
2016 20,000,000 Senior, Unsecured, Listed,Redeemable, Rated
Debentures of LKR 100.00 each to raise Sri Lanka Rupees
Two Billion (LKR 2,000,000,000),with an option to issue a
further 10,000,000 of the said Debentures to raise up to
Sri Lanka Rupees One Billion (LKR 1,000,000,000) in the event
of an oversubscription Debentures to be listed on the
Colombo Stock Exchange & Rated `BBB+ (lka) by FitchLanka
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