No Bank Charges for Card Payments

Our customers can enjoy hassle-free payments via Visa/master/UnionPay
payment cards to pay our loan/lease without any bank charge
You can make your loan/lease payments to the following Senkadagala Finance PLC accounts.

Kindly send a copy of the payment slip to the following email address -
to ensure the loan payment is credited to your file without a delay.

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Personal Finance

Savings accounts & Term Deposits.

Compare, then choose one or more of our savings accounts to give you greater peace of mind and help you reach your savings goals faster.


Savings Accounts

Be it for your day-to-day expenses, retirement or a long-desired dream, saving your money today will make your future secure and prosperous.

Savings account with a competitive interest rate with high security to your funds. Maximum interest earned with daily interest calculation. Easy access to your account through any of our Branches or through VISA or MASTERCARD enabled ATM.

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Interest Rates

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Who can open an account?

If you are a resident of Sri Lanka over the age of 18 years, you can open an account.

Your account can be opened at any branch.

Your national identity card, driving license or passport will be required.


Make deposits via cash, cheque, drafts, money orders and interbank transfers

Access your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world


Make withdrawals via our Contactless, Chip & Pin VISA debit card

Make over-the-counter withdrawals at any of our branches

Fixed Deposit Accounts

Your Fixed Deposit means security for you and your family through long term savings

Whatever your future plans and aspirations may be, let us help you to invest your money more prudently and earn higher returns on your deposits, together with best services, greater flexibility and highest level of security for your deposit. Fixed deposit plans begin with as short as one (1) month and extend up to 60 months and can be opened either individually or jointly. Interest can be obtained monthly (for FDs over 6 months) or at maturity. Competitive interest rates. Loans upto 75% of the deposit value.

Fixed Deposit Calculator Personal Application Form Corporate Application Form

Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Lending Products


Finance Leases (FL)

We offer finance leasing products, whether you are an individual (professional or businessman) or a SME or a Corporate body. You may obtain a lease from us to finance vehicles (registered/ unregistered), machinery and equipment.

Main features

  • Maximum repayment period of 60 months
  • Competitive interest rates offered.
  • Speedy approvals and delivery.
  • Easy documentation process.
  • Friendly service from our extended branch network.
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance obtained through our Insurance Brokers at a special premium.


Pawning is the perfect financial solution for your every important and urgent cash requirement where you can borrow against a pawned gold article. We offer maximum value for your gold articles ensuring the security of articles, with a speedy service, while safeguarding your privacy. We will be pleased to customize your loan according to your need of amount, interest rate and tenor.


Hire Purchase (HP)

Our HP facilities is the best solution if you seek financing for a registered vehicle, (second hand/ used), whether you are an individual (professional or businessman) or a SME or a Corporate body.


SME Business Loans: Asset Backed Lending

This loan facility is the best option (if you are an existing customer) for your business purposes as well as incidental personal cash requirements. It is an asset backed finance facility, where credit is extended on the security of an asset that is still the subject matter of either a FL/HP transaction. This is the ideal product to meet incidental expenses such as additional working capital requirements, educational, medical, etc.

Loans against Fixed Deposits

If you are already a customer maintaining a Fixed Deposit with us, this is the loan for you. If you are in an urgent need for cash, you can always borrow 75% of the deposit value.

Required Documentation

Employed Customer Business Customer Limited Liability Company Customer
National ID Card National ID Card National ID Card of Directors
Latest 3 Months Pay Slips Latest 3 Months Bank Statements Memorandum Of Articles
Bank Account details Certificate Of Registration Form 20
Confirmation letter from employer Audited report (If Available) Certificate Of Incorporation
One or two guarantors One or two guarantors One or two Directors as guarantors

Insurance Brokers

We facilitate our clients with Insurance quotes from the following Insurance Companies, with the benefits of getting low premiums, honoring of valid claims and real time quotes via our system.

Get the lowest premium cost..

We ensure that all valid claims are paid..

Real-time insurance quotations will be provided via our ground-breaking Insurance Brokerage System..

Foreign Exchange Services

We are a Central Bank licensed money exchanger to purchase foreign currency

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